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i-to-i Professional TEFL Certificate (140 Hours)

i-to-i Professional TEFL Certificate (140 Hours)


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    Online Training 120 Hours
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    Classroom Training 20 Hours
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Top TEFL employers look for teachers who have the necessary skills and knowledge to teach an excellent lesson from their first day in the classroom; and this is exactly what the Professional TEFL Certificate Course delivers. Our 120-hour Online TEFL Course gives you the theory behind teaching English as a foreign language in an interactive format, and then i-to-i’s 20-hour Practical Course will help you master a range of essential teaching skills so you can walk into a classroom with confidence. This combination of training is supported by our expert tutors and will make you a confident, skilled teacher that is highly employable.

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Online TEFL Training

TEFL employers worldwide look for at least 120 hours of accredited internationally recognised online training. Our language school approved Professional TEFL Certificate meets that requirement and is recognised as the best online TEFL course by employers worldwide. Here at i-to-i we've trained over 150,000 TEFL teachers, collaborated with over 600 leading language schools, and we were the first ever provider to deliver online TEFL training courses back in 2001. Due to our industry longevity and experience in delivering interactive and effective e-learning, TEFL employers worldwide recognize i-to-i's online TEFL courses as assurance of a well trained employee!

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i-to-i's online training is focused on interactive learning and our TEFL courses are unique in that they are not just a text heavy course-book online. The online course is centred on video content, real life classroom scenarios and features personalised expert TEFL tutor support and feedback. This combines to deliver the very best TEFL e-learning experience. By choosing the i-to-i Professional TEFL Certificate you will learn the following:

  • TEFL Essentials - You'll start by learning the fundamentals of Teaching English as a Foreign Language, this is the start of your journey to becoming an internationally certified TEFL teacher
  • Classroom Management - We'll teach you how to manage your class and keep your students engaged. From day one you'll be in control as the teacher
  • Planning Lessons - You'll be 100% equipped to plan engaging lessons and adapt your teaching style to ensure your students achieve their goals
  • Grammar- Our expert tutors will help you understand the foundations of grammar and show you how to deliver this to your class in a fun and interesting way
  • Vocabulary - You'll learn a range of strategies and activities to increase your students' ability to learn new words
  • Pronunciation - There are common pronunciation difficulties that English language learners face. We'll give you the skills and tools to help your learners overcome them
  • Read, Write, Listen, Speak - We'll get you ready to deliver all of the common TEFL lessons and teach you how to assess your students' levels
  • Cultural Awareness - Cultural sensitivity is key to having a positive TEFL adventure, both inside and outside the classroom. That's why we'll show you what to do (and what to avoid) when teaching English abroad!
  • Starting your TEFL Career - Having mastered all things TEFL we'll give you everything you need to kick-start an exciting career. We'll teach you how to find the best jobs, and how to choose a reliable, rewarding and secure TEFL position!
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Classroom Training

Over the course of two days, you’ll learn how to teach engaging and effective lessons, by learning ten key TEFL techniques. You’ll see these classroom skills demonstrated by an expert tutor, before practicing them in simulated teaching activities. You’ll also get to plan and deliver two complete lessons in front of your peers - so you can experience what TEFL is really like! Throughout the course, you'll be guided by a tutor who has years of international TEFL experience.

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  • Throughout the two days you’ll practice new teaching techniques in pairs and small groups, receiving feedback from your tutor. These activities build up to bigger teaching practice sessions at the end of both days, where you’ll plan and teach a short lesson from start to finish, to ensure you’re well-prepared and super confident!
  • Unlike other courses, we don’t focus on just telling you general information about TEFL, or talking about English grammar. We believe the face-to-face format is best to get you up to speed on the practical skills required to be a confident and engaging TEFL teacher. You’ll leave having acquired ten key skills, and knowing you can walk into a classroom and teach effectively.
  • After completing your course you’ll complete a short online reflective task, where you describe the skills you’ve demonstrated in the classroom, and identify strategies for your future development. This will be uploaded onto your eResume to show employers what a high quality TEFL teacher you are!
  • Your tutor will not only have extensive TEFL and teacher training experience, as we choose our tutors on their ability to mentor, motivate and inspire; but we also monitor course delivery to ensure you’re receiving the highest quality training.
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TEFL eResume

Let us help you find your perfect TEFL job! The unique i-to-i TEFL e-Resume enables you to show off your newly acquired TEFL skills to hiring employers; meaning that you'll be the preferred candidate for thousands of TEFL job worldwide! In addition, with your new TEFL e-resume, you'll be able to start applying for your dream job as soon as you've enrolled on your TEFL course. Here at i-to-i, we don't just stop at ensuring you have the best qualification, you'll also get unlimited access to the biggest TEFL Jobs Board in the industry, boasting thousands of jobs globally!

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Our unique eResume:

  • Showcases your TEFL training to prospective employers
  • Proves that you are classroom ready
  • Reduces your time spent applying for jobs
  • Removes the need to create a TEFL CV, our eResume fills automatically as you complete each stage of the course - showcasing your newly acquired TEFL skills to hiring employers
  • You'll receive free access to your TEFL eResume instantly when you enrol onto an i-to-i course
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Accredited TEFL Certificate

Show off your TEFL skills! Upon completion of your course you'll receive a printed, internationally-recognised and accredited i-to-i TEFL certificate that you can present to potential employers. Your certificate will be professionally printed and incorporate a unique hologram and embossed design to prove authenticity.

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  • i-to-i TEFL certificates are accredited, endorsed and recognised internationally.
  • You'll receive your printed and accredited certificate once you’ve completed all of your training with i-to-i. Whilst you’re waiting for it to be delivered, you can access a PDF version within your online training portal.
  • Your certificate will include a concise description of all training courses you’ve completed with i-to-i. This ensures that your new TEFL skills will be showcased to anyone who sees your certificate.
  • Postage is included free of charge to any destination.

How does i-to-i's online training work?

i-to-i's online training is focused on interactive learning, and our TEFL courses are unique in that they really push the boundaries of learning TEFL online. The online course is centred on video content and real-life classroom scenarios, in addition to personalised expert TEFL tutor support and feedback on all work you complete. Combined, this provides you with the very best flexible TEFL e-learning experience.

The great thing about online TEFL training is that you'll be able to study for your qualification whenever and wherever you want, all at your own pace. In fact, most i-to-i TEFL teachers fit their course comfortably around a full time job or studies.

How does i-to-i's classroom training work?

During your classroom training, you’ll learn ten key teaching skills to ensure you can teach an engaging and effective English as a foreign language lesson. You’ll leave the course confident that you can get students interested, manage a classroom, teach the intricacies of the English language, and design fun and useful practice activities for students.

How do I access the course?

Once you've purchased your i-to-i TEFL course, you'll receive instant access and course login details which you will be able to use on your tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop computer. This means that you'll be able to get on with your course, and start applying for your dream job straight away! If you have any questions at all, our dedicated course support team will be happy to help.

How long will it take me to study for the Professional TEFL Certificate?

The average TEFL teacher takes around 4-6 weeks to complete the Professional TEFL Certificate. However, it all depends on your circumstances and how much time you have to dedicate to the course; we have had students complete the course in as little as 10 days (we assume they were sat next to a coffee machine!).

Will I get feedback on my TEFL course?

Absolutely! Here at i-to-i we pride ourselves on being the TEFL experts. That means that every one of our expert tutors has a minimum of 5 years international TEFL experience, so they're fully qualified to provide detailed and personalised feedback on every area of your course. In addition, we have an expert course support team, who will always be on hand to answer any questions you have and to help you get the most out of your TEFL training!

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